Brand Story

Our Promise

As a brand, we vow to remain respectful towards our products, our lifestyle, and our consumers - who are our community. Our pieces will always encourage our brothers and sisters to present themselves with the utmost amount of class, style, and sophistication. The quality of Fraternity will always remain our number one priority so that we can continuously provide people with timeless pieces that complement their lives. Through detailing, we strive to give our brothers and sisters classic pieces that are also innovative and unique. Every component that creates the Fraternity brand has equal value and worth; every zipper, pattern and material is strategically hand-selected to complement the entire design.

Our Prophecy

To be a community of refined individuals who believe in upholding a polished appearance while enjoying the finer things in life. To fulfill this promise, Fraternity - as well as its sister line, Sorority - will always abide by the fundamental laws of timeless fashion. As a brand, we recognize the importance of detail, quality, and authenticity. As a community, we recognize the importance of upholding a refined, classic lifestyle